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thegrace portable filters are specially designed drip coffee bags that can be used similar to tea bag. With an oxygen absorbing patch they keep your coffee 99.9% as fresh as the day they were ground and last for up to one year.

The portable filters combine the convenience of instant coffee with the fresh amazing taste of a barista brewed espresso in less than 2 minutes. Each serving is made from the highest quality, hand picked specialty coffee beans. After brewing, the filter can be disposed of thoughtfully for a quick and easy clean-up.

Perfect for the home, the office, travelling and those last minute camping trips, thegrace portable filters have you covered! Happiness is just one cup away.

Region : Sidamo
Varietal : Mixed Heirloom Varieties
Process : Washed & Sun dried
Attitude : 1860 - 1950 mals
Cup : Big juicy body and note of berries, chocolate and toffee

Roasted by @silverskincoffeeroasters

San Francisco is a farm covered with 50 year old plants, that yield low quantities of coffee per tree. Farmer, Don Fabio, likens the cherries to children and the trees to parents who provide the cherries with food from the soil. When there are less cherries it is easier for the tree to provide each cherry with the best possible nutrients. This gives San Francisco its structured acidity and highly refined flavour.

7 bags, Net wt. 10g

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